5 things you should do 2 months before the For Sale sign

Saturday Feb 23rd, 2019


5 things to do 2 MONTHS before listing your home



Have a discussion with your mortgagor.   It’s important to know if your mortgage is “portable” or if there is a major cancellation penalty if you  discharge your mortgage.  You may also be pleasantly surprised what you’re capable of, financially, when your amortization period increases to 30 yrs on your new purchase.  Knowing this ahead of time will help you in making decisions for your next move.


Consider a pre-listing home inspection with a qualified home inspector:   Many details can be looked after ahead of listing the home for sale, and a potential buyer may be more likely to make an offer without a home inspection clause, if an inspection report is already available to view, with several repairs potentially checked off.  No one needs surprises that could make a deal fall apart.   Ask your realtor for recommendations.


Contractors aren’t always easy to get without advance notice, especially in the spring!  Take the time to arrange necessary repairs or alterations that could impact the value of your home and its appeal to potential buyers.  Whether cleaning carpets, re-painting, re-shingling or moving excess items into storage.  A realtor can advise you and assist with references and suggestions.


Have a dedicated realtor work ahead and watch the recent sales of homes similar to yours as they happen.  Use a realtor who will use the time ahead of listing to inspect similar properties close-by,  and have a very clear picture of  the ideal price point of competing properties for when you are ready to go.


Do you know where you’re headed?   Many people are afraid they won’t find the ideal home when their house is sold and they are suddenly under pressure.   In some markets, it’s possible to make offers “conditional on sale of your home”.  An experienced realtor will know if such a condition is feasible in the current market.  Alternatively, having a look at some homes in your desired neighborhood can ease concerns about possibly buying under pressure.

In my business, I often start work for a property well in advance of the For Sale sign actually appearing on the lawn.  I will bring in a professional home stager for you, who will walk through your home with you, make several suggestions, and leave you with a detailed list of suggestions for repair or change.  My clients find this very helpful, because we often don’t see these details when it’s our own home.  The stager will help create an environment that will appeal to the largest number of people.  This, together with a professional home inspection,   financial clarity from your bank, and a realtor who has shared very clear market information with you,  will make you  feel incredibly well prepared when your home is put on the market.  

Establish a relationship with you realtor ahead of time.   We can make a stressful move as smooth as possible.    Contact me today to simply meet and talk www.hoffmannshomes.com


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