Does a Lock Box make you nervous?

Thursday Apr 04th, 2019


A lock box is a strong metal key box that a real estate agent mounts to the exterior of the house for easy access.   It has a code or a combination of numbers that open the box to make a spare key available to people who would otherwise never have a one.

Some owners are uneasy about having a key mounted outside of the house, but an understanding of the systems in place to ensure your home’s security, should ease any worries.

Aside from the fact that these metal boxes are extremely durable and strong, it is also important to mount them to very sturdy spots, such as door handles or gas pipes, fences.   Some people prefer to put the lock box in a less-visible area, still being convenient.

The realtor listing the house mounts the box to a solid fixture on the exterior of the house.  Every realtor has their own private combination codes, and when the box is mounted, the listing brokerage enters the code into their system.   Codes are only released to other realtors, who call in to make appointments to view the property.  Confirming their identity is very important at this stage.  They provide the listing brokerage with their name, as registered with the Real Estate Board, and the listing brokerage confirms their Brokerage.   The lock box is NOT released directly to the realtor, but only called in to that realtor’s Brokerage, who will then message their real estate salesperson through their system.

This ensures that all appointments are recorded in a secure database with the name and brokerage of who the lock box was released to and when they were in the home.  It also ensures that only Realtors are given the combination, with very clear training on the importance of privacy and security of information in their control.  An unrepresented buyer will NOT be given a lock box code.  They must be accompanied by a registered real estate agent.

When the home is sold, the lock box is removed by the realtor.    The convenience of a lock box allows the home to be shown when the home owner is unavailable to greet buyers at the door.   Extremely valuable system, tried and proven over many many years.  

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