Selling your house should NOT be a DIY project !!! 10 Reasons why

Saturday Jul 20th, 2019


Most of us wouldn’t tamper with our own home’s electrical system or do our own knee replacement surgery, yet for some reason some think that the sale of the biggest investment of our lives doesn’t deserve the best expertise possible.

Here are 10 reasons why the cost of a realtor pays for itself….and then some:

  1. MLS exposure to at least 54,000 GTA realtors and buyers across Canada is critical.  An individual home owner can NOT list their property on MLS.
  2. An experienced real estate agent has likely shown homes to hundreds of buyers, and knows what buyers want to see in a home, and what turns them off, and what suggestions can be made to show your home in the best light for the highest sale price possible.  It is very difficult for a homeowner to be impartial!
  3. A home owner can only show their home to potential buyers when their own schedule permits.  The inconvenience to buyers is huge and other homes are more convenient to tour.
  4. An experienced real estate agent knows the most effective marketing tools and strategy for targeting the right buyers, and is prepared to invest the cost necessary to bring you as many potential pre-qualified buyers as possible.
  5. A real estate agent has accurate and current sales prices, far beyond “what the neighbor sold for,” and has likely seen inside other listings in your neighborhood, avoiding the potential catastrophe of over-pricing or under-pricing your home and relying on rumors.
  6. Realtors are connected with top notch stagers, mortgage specialists, home inspectors and legal support, and have experience with complicated estate issues, divorces and stigmatized properties
  7. Realtors are skilled at negotiating through challenging objections without crippling emotion that may otherwise sabotage your sale.  That’s what we do!
  8. Not understanding how market conditions affect strategy is disastrous to your bottom line.  This can only come from experience
  9. You do not pay a realtor anything, unless they bring you an offer that is acceptable to you.
  10.  It’s incredible what sellers  disclose to me in “harmless” banter, when they remain home for a showing.    A skilled realtor will know how to find your pressure points, and that will not work in your favor.

A quality realtor’s value far exceeds their price.  When selling your greatest asset, it’s not time for no frills, it’s time to play hard ball!


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