Setting up an Airbnb - part 2

Monday Sep 24th, 2018


I am proud to have been dubbed a "Super host" by Airbnb.  This is something very special to me, a feeling of real success.  I often think about how that came about -- and it's not just by throwing some furniture carelessly in a space and posting a short-term rental.  When I read the beautiful reviews of my guests, I can see that the Heart that was put into it, and the extra fine details made a difference.  

I recently wrote a post on the basics of a successful airbnb, however consider these  fine details that will elevate your space from others:

  • A comfortable, quality mattress
  • Fresh scented sheets and towels
  • Room-darkening blinds or drapes
  • A variety of extra pillows and blankets
  • Some battery operated candles
  • A few pantry items - oils, spices, sugar, tea
  • Quality wine and beer glasses, quality steak knives
  • Cards, chess board, a few books and magazines
  • A set of umbrellas for the sprint to the car
  • A cozy sofa blanket

I once had a couple on their honeymoon.  They were greeted with candlelight, champagne and some fresh flowers.  It's not all about the profit!  People remember the extra care you showed to make their stay special.

Over time, I added bird feeders outside and a seating area for my guests' private use.  This is your home and your investment - take pride in creating an unforgettable home-away-from-home for everyone who comes to visit.  

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